Day: March 4, 2013

Real movement on gun control

“This legislation will for the first time make gun trafficking a federal crime in order to provide tools to law enforcement to get illegal guns off the streets and away from criminal networks and street gangs. Currently, there is no federal law that defines gun trafficking as a crime.”

Wealth inequality: a tutorial

A few figures from this short film on wealth inequality: The top one percent own half the country’s stocks, bonds and mutual funds. The bottom 50 percent of Americans own only half a percent. The average worker earns in a month what the CEO earns in an hour.

To move or not to move?

Last week, the executive team at Episcopal Church Center let the church’s Executive Council know that it disagreed with General Convention’s desire to move the church’s offices out of 815 Second Avenue in New York. The Rev. George Clifford has read the executive team’s arguments for keeping the offices where they are. He is not […]

True Trust

What is primary is the sheer gift of God’s infinite acceptance, grace and love. From that should flow freely spontaneous acts of compassion toward the weak as well as living institutions and rituals to celebrate and explore the blessedness of God’s prevenient and ever-present love. We are loved, so we can love.

Moving for mission

by George Clifford The report, D016, which states, in full: “That it is the will of this Convention to move the Church Center headquarters away from the Church Center building at 815 2nd Avenue, New York.” D016’s intent seems straightforward, especially in view of the House of Deputies’ debate of D016 and related resolutions. Discussion […]