Day: February 27, 2013

Jesus and the Sequester

The Rev. Shelia McJilton writes on the very real fear of those whose lives stand to be aversely affected by the sequester. After reflection on hearing the painful stories of real people, McJilton relates it to Jesus asleep in the boat on the Sea of Galilee:

Faith in Conflict program leads to public conversation

Chris Sugden, writing for Anglican Mainstream, wrote on the first day of the Faith in Conflict program at St. Michael’s House at Coventry Cathedral. The three day conference is billed to be seeking better ways to handle conflict in the Church.

Personal Holiness and Corporate Justice

The failures that the prophets like Jeremiah and the apostle Paul articulate have two dimensions. There is the dimension of personal faithfulness and holiness-of-life which is the goal of each believer. There is also the dimension of social justice and compassion which is the goal of corporate life. In both dimensions they commend special attention and care on behalf of the poor and vulnerable. The Biblical writers also note with approval of acts of justice and compassion by those who are outside the circle of faith.


by Marshall Scott I’ve been thinking a lot about outcomes. For a chaplain, outcomes are an ongoing concern. Actually, for just about everyone in healthcare outcomes are a concern. We measure our success – and to a greater and greater extent, we’re going to be reimbursed – according to the outcomes. However, it won’t surprise …

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