Day: February 21, 2013

R.I. governor, businesspeople, rabbis back marriage equality

Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee is participating is a panel discussion at New York University today to discuss the “economic harms” of not allowing gay couples to marry. See full story here. Business leaders in Rhode Island have announced the formation of a new coalition in favor of legalizing gay marriage, and the Board of […]

John 3:16

John 3:16-21 Sitting behind an idling pickup truck waiting for a train, I contemplate the black and white bumper sticker just above the smoking tail pipe in front of me. “John 3:16” it proclaims. I don’t have to crack open a Bible to learn what the sentence says; I memorized it when I was a […]

Will megachurches go the way of the shopping mall?

Thom S. Rainer suggests that unlike baby boomers, the millennial generation tends to prefer small to big. Witness the decline of the shopping mall in recent decades. What does this suggest for spacious, sprawling, traditional worship space? What does it mean for large congregations, which are usually most successful if they can encourage small-group development? […]