Day: February 18, 2013

An opening statement from the Task Force for Re-imagining the Episcopal Church

We have started the process of developing an engagement strategy that will enable us to live into our commitment to transparency while preserving the sanctity of holy conversation. We further aim not only to provide a window into our work, but to provoke a parallel process of dialogue around questions of identity, structure, and culture at all levels of the church.

From repentance to hope in Virginia

Dear people of God: descendants of slaves, descendants of slave masters, and all who have benefited from the systems of slavery and structures of racism, we stand together to express our most profound acknowledgement and regret that the Episcopal Church lent the institution of slavery its support and justification based on scripture, and after slavery was formally abolished, continued for at least a century to benefit from and to support de jure and de facto segregation, discrimination, and racism. – The Bishop of Virginia

Archbishop Welby appoints director of reconciliation

The focus of Canon David Porter’s role will be to enable the Church to make a powerful contribution to transforming the often violent conflicts which overshadow the lives of so many people in the world. His initial focus will be on supporting creative ways for renewing conversations and relationships around deeply held differences within the Church of England and the Anglican Communion.

True Community

God wants the people out of Egypt. God wants us to escape from the clutches of bondage to production and wealth and power. With signs and wonders God rescued the people from Egypt and took them into the wilderness where God could create something different — community.