Day: February 11, 2013

Under what circumstances does one cancel Sunday worship

In the wake of a storm, if the mall is open and the church is closed, I think it sends a terrible message. Why should the temple of commerce open up when God’s house is closed? What are we proclaiming about our values? For me, I will stand with the message that church goes on (almost no matter what).

The structure task force begins its work

The special task force of the structure of the Episcopal Church, created by the passage of Resolution C095 begins its work on Thursday at a conference center near Baltimore Washington International Airport. What are your hopes and fears concerning the restructuring of the church? If you had two minutes to speak with the task force, what would you say?

Thankful Resolve

Every once in a while it can be overwhelming to ponder what God has given us. To look at nature and this miraculous earth, so marvelous and beautiful. It is a wonder to breathe. How amazing is water. The miracle of life so incredibly sustained on this planet spinning through space. We are the beneficiaries of all of this.