Day: February 5, 2013


“Water Is Life” that humiliates whiners on Twitter who use the “#Firstworldproblems” hashtag to complain about life’s trivial challenges.

Should dying churches be repurposed? Part 2

All Saints Church, Kings Heath, Birmingham UK, tore down the old rectory to create a town centre with elder care, medical care, a café and more. They took down the old stone walls that surrounded the churchyard and lay old gravestones flat to create a public square with a labyrinth, mosaics with images from every day life, quotations not of the church but compatible with it, and a simple fountain for kids to play in.

Dallas Mayor: violence is men’s fault

“This violence is our fault. It’s not the women’s fault, We have been the violent gender over the centuries, and we must own up to it. Tradition has enabled the action we see around us, and we’ve created those traditions. The culture of male violence has only been perpetuated by locker room talk, radio talk shows, video games, how fathers talk to sons, and our inability to deal with anger living deep inside.” ~Mayor Mike Rawlings

Overwhelming Problems

Something’s got to be broken. You can’t keep the whole loaf — safe, protected and pure. They started breaking it up. And thankful, joyful people began to give it away, passing it out with gratitude, with thanksgiving.