Day: February 1, 2013

Five simple lessons

Five simple lessons in practical peacemaking from Shane L. Windmeyer, executive director of the LGBT group Campus Pride, growing out of his unexpected friendship with Chick-Fil-A founder Dan Cathy.

Report says no US-style culture war in the UK

While conservative Christian groups in the UK are coordinating their political responses regarding human sexuality, marriage, family life, and religious freedom, there is no sign that they are becoming an American-style “Religious Right.”

SC injunction made permanent

The Episcopal Church in South Carolina and the Episcopal Church did not contest the restraining order that kept anyone but the separated diocese to use the name and logos “Diocese of South Carolina.”

Two Attitudes

Isaiah characterizes two contrasting attitudes toward God. The faithful attitude, like that of the suffering servant, respects God “and obeys the voice of his servant.” Even though the faithful disciple “walks in darkness and has no light” the servant “trusts in the name of the Lord and relies upon his God.”

Listen to this characterization of the rebellious ones. “But all of you are kindlers of fire, lighters of firebrands. Walk in the flame of your fire…

Faith on the streets

I tried to sound nonchalant, but ever since the idea of celebrating Ash Wednesday in the street had seized me, the line between respectable Episcopal churchgoer and lunatic evangelist had been rapidly eroding. I hadn’t told Martha we were planning to kneel on the sidewalk and pray.