Day: January 11, 2013

A tale of two churches

Comparing and contrasting the decision by Washington National Cathedral to perform same-sex marriages and the University of the South’s decision to do so only if the bishop in the place where the couple lives approves. SCG writes on the blog “Wake Up and LIVE.”

CoE Laity to vote on leadership

The first meeting of the House of Laity since the lay members of Church of England’s General Synod narrowly defeated the women bishop’s measure will weigh whether their chairman overstepped his proper role in speaking against the proposal. The no-confidence vote will take place on January 18th.

Is a Facebook site an alternative to a gravesite?

by Ann Fontaine Recently this image has been traveling around Facebook. It caused me to wonder about “friends” who have died and with whom I am still “friends.” I wonder how people feel about continuing Facebook friendships with people who can no longer post their thoughts. At first I would “unsubscribe” to people when they […]