Day: January 10, 2013

Bp. vonRosenberg tapped as provisional bishop of South Carolina

The Rt. Rev. Charles Glenn vonRosenberg, a retired bishop of East Tennessee, has been nominated to serve as bishop provisional of the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina. vonRosenberg has longstanding ties to South Carolina, a diocese working to regroup in the wake of the departure of Bishop Mark Lawrence and his followers. Episcopal News Service […]

James Taylor issues FB plea for ‘Fire & Rain’ church

A little Episcopal church that dubs itself “The James Taylor Church” because it’s been damaged by fire and rain has garnered attention from the singer himself, who is using his Facebook page to help raise money to restore its historic pipe organ. Taylor posted this week, “St Paul’s Episcopal Church in Jeffersonville IN is now […]

Eat, already: the feeding of the 5000

I love the image of Jesus in John’s story of feeding the five thousand. Imagine sitting on a hillside out in the country and watching as that many people come toward you across the open land. Drawn by curiosity and hope, they cautiously approach in little clusters of family and friends, but from where you are sitting they look like an ocean on legs.