Day: December 24, 2012

Presiding Bishop’s Christmas Eve Sermon

“A child is born, a prince of peace who will establish justice, here and around this earth,” Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori said in her sermon on Christmas Eve, December 24 from St. George’s Cathedral in Jerusalem.

On not heart-ing Clement Moore

I hate that poem. It’s the kind of thing a middlebrow Episcopal Hebrew professor writes to indulge his sentimental idea of what a Knickerbocker Ward Christmas should look like. No rats stirring; windows with shutters and sashes; St. Nick down the chimney; smug Protestant children snug in their beds; all those silly reindeer; that lousy rhyme scheme.

Evangelism on Christmas Eve: #nativityvigil

We know that not everyone is comfortable tweeting during church, in which case you shouldn’t do it. And we’ve been made aware that some people consider it rude. But we think the Episcopal Church could do with a little more of Paul of Tarsus, and a little less of Emily of Post in this regard.

Omnipotent Love

Yet Mary holds her finger out, and a divine hand closes on it. The maker of the world is born a begging child; he begs for milk, and does not know that it is milk for which he begs.