Day: December 19, 2012

Seeing God in schools

Couple of blog posts on God in schools: Cafe News Blogger Kurt Wiesner responds to calls to “Put God back in schools.” Part of it was rebuttal of bad theology, and another part clarifying church and state laws: both why separation of Church and State is critical, and what the Constitution protects concerning prayer in …

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Plans for inaugural interfaith prayer service

NPR carries the Associated Press story: President Barack Obama is planning to participate in a special prayer service at the Washington National Cathedral the morning after he takes the oath of office, his inaugural committee announced Tuesday.

Ancient bones show a culture of compassion

Among archaeological finds, she said, she knows “about 30 cases in which the disease or pathology was so severe, they must have had care in order to survive.” And she said there are certainly more such cases to be described. “I am totally confident that there are almost any number of case studies where direct support or accommodation was necessary.”

Finally, beloved

by Emily A. Mellott Look at that – the reading you picked begins, “finally, beloved.” I don’t know if you did that on purpose – I’d guess that the statement of lived love that follows those words is why you picked that reading for you and us to hear. But, finally, beloved. We’re here. Look …

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