Day: December 17, 2012

Time to end the Church of “No”

The denial of women bishops and the panicked reaction to the idea of marriage equality in the Church of England reveals that this is not just an institutional battle. It has become the way that many people have come to know the Gospel. The preoccupation with women and sex is driving people away from the Church. .

A monk in the midst

A new video feature A Monk in the Midst from the Diocese of Massachusetts features Bishop Tom Shaw, a brother of the Society of Saint John the Evangelist, which has its monastery on Harvard Square. In this one, he speaks of how the church “wrecks” Christmas.

“We believe that goodness can come out of the darkest days”

Anger is a normal part of the grieving process, but we cannot allow ourselves to stay angry. For if we allow events like us to make us angry or bitter than the evil one has won out. No matter how bad the day may be, no matter how tragic the circumstances, we cannot allow ourselves to be overtaken by anger or by fear.

The slaughter of the innocents

by Marilyn McCord Adams Life doesn’t always unfold in “synch” with the liturgical calendar. Advent waits for cosmic interruption: the Word made flesh, a truly human but not only human God. Friday featured an interruption of the opposite sort. The governor of Connecticut declared: “evil visited this community today”–the kind of incident that all our […]

When Darkness Rules

Every once in a while the prayer “save us from the time of trial” must become “not my will, but your will must be done.”

In the face of such a trial, we have Jesus as our forerunner and companion. He knows this territory.