Day: December 10, 2012

How avoiding conflict harms the church

Bland, suffocating unanimity cannot replace the reality of political differences. In theology as in politics, conflict is real. The important thing is not that we mustn’t fight. That is inevitable. It’s rather that we mustn’t draw blood when doing so.

Do we do a good job in discerning priestly vocations?

When one discerns for the ordained ministry in TEC, the entirety of one’s life is picked apart, analyzed and judged as being worthy of recommendation to the bishop for ordination. Is it any wonder that those who pass the strictures of said processes often act if they are somehow superior to those not “in the club”?

What New Thing?

When old ideas lose energy, when relationships wane, when institutions crumble, when things unravel, when we feel decay, when understanding fails — “stand up and raise your heads.”