Day: December 2, 2012

ABC Rowan Williams Advent letter to the Primates

… we are a ‘community of communities’. And perhaps in our own time we could translate this afresh and say we are a ‘network of networks’. Certainly this language has something to recommend it in an age when, so we’re told, networks are the decisive social fact for most younger people, often networks that are maintained through the new electronic media.

Importance of Advent

Psalm 146, 147 (Morning) Psalm 111, 112, 113 (Evening) Isaiah 1:1-9 2 Peter 3:1-10 Matthew 25:1-13 Our Psalms today are one of the most joyful set we draw in our rotation through the Psalter, which, on one hand, might seem a little strange as we begin to settle down into the quiet of Advent. But …

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