Day: November 23, 2012

Following the Superstorm Sandy money

Immediate and long-term disaster response is complicated. We learned this after Hurricane Katrina and we are learning it again after Superstorm Sandy. Episcopal Relief and Development was cited in an article describing where all that money–governmental, insurance and donated–goes, and says ERD and the Dioceses of New Jersey and Newark are doing a good job.

Making sense of the Synod vote

The conventional wisdom a week ago was that the General Synod would authorize the ordination of women to the episcopate. Maybe not a slam dunk but after 42 of 44 diocesan synods said “yes,” it seemed like a sure thing. Since the vote failed by a mere six votes in the lay order, the implications are still being sorted out.

First Honor God

Today Malachi picks up a theme that is present in Haggai and several other prophets. Our worship of God comes first, they tell us. Trust God and honor God appropriately as your primary obligation, and all other things will fit into place…

Exploring Justin Welby’s Jewish roots

The next Archbishop of Canterbury roots are discussed in the Jewish Chronicle, where the editors express the hope that this background will help improve relations between the Church of England and the Jewish community in the UK.