Day: November 20, 2012

Is schism a sin?

All churches, as all communities of ordinary people, are the places where we work out our relationship with God in Christ by striving for charity and clarity in our relationships with one another and our own self. Failing to do so and breaking relationships — becoming a schismatic by willful choice — is, then, now and has always been a sad state and, I’d say, a sin.

Reactions: Church of England’s House of Laity drops the ball

Guide me towards the spot where Jesus firmly declines the money from the women who supported him and his ministry, because that’s man’s work! Kindly point to the verse where Jesus, from the cross, tells the women waiting and suffering with him, to hit the road, because, after all, he never had any female disciples and he was worried about their emotional nature.

Cloudy Days

Today’s readings are like one of those chilly, overcast days when it looks like it will be cloudy all day and the rain threatens to come at any moment. I know that above the clouds the sun shines with steadfastness. I know that there will be another day with light and warmth. But on those gray days that seep into the bones, you have to set your jaw and move ahead with determination, doing what needs to be done.

Keeping calm and carrying on in the Diocese of South Carolina

A steering committee has been formed “to guide and assist in the reorganization of the diocese.” Bishop John Clark Buchanan, who lives in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, and Bishop Charles vonRosenberg of Daniel Island, both retired Episcopal Church bishops, are listed as advisers to the steering committee.