Day: November 19, 2012

Digital Bishop

So get those smart phones ready, because beginning today you are about to tweet, facebook, and social media your way into the minds and hearts of a new generation–those who may text dozens of messages everyday, but have never heard the Message, who belong to virtual communities but not to a community of faith, who may be Linked-In, but are not yet raised up.

Restoring America to a way it never was

It makes sense that any Mormon believer will see his—and it is his–duty to not only restore the gospel of Jesus Christ, but restore this country to some former glory it enjoyed in their version of history. You see, Mormons also believe the U.S. Constitution is a divinely inspired document, taking the idea of American exceptionalism to a whole new level.

Church of England on eve of decisive vote on women as bishops

The Church of England may well vote tomorrow on controversial legislation that would finally permit women to be ordained as bishops, although not in precisely the same way that men are bishops, because the authority of male bishops has not been shaped to placate those who do not believe that men should be bishops in the first place.

Visions of Faith

When I was growing up, faith was mostly about belief — “faith” was to assent to a particular content with your belief. That is not what faith is in any of these stories, or in most of the Bible.