Day: November 5, 2012

Water bill owed by Church of the Holy Sepulchre

A clergyman from the church built on the site where Jesus Christ is said to have been crucified said Friday that its bank account has been frozen as the result of a long-standing dispute with an Israeli water company. Its account was blocked two weeks ago, making it impossible to pay stipends of some 500 priests and monks, 2,000 teachers and the running costs of over 30 Christian schools that the church runs in the Palestinian territories and Jordan, church spokesman Issa Musleh said.

The saints we celebrate today are lamps along the way

You’ve seen them, you know them, whether they are searchlights like Mother Teresa and Desmond Tutu, or those we think of as lesser lights – the neighbor who feeds our cat when we’re out of town, or the stranger who gives direction to a wandering tourist, or the folks in New Jersey who are stringing extension cords and power strips out to the sidewalk so the powerless can charge their cell phones.”

Looking at the swing states through the lens of religion

In 2008, Obama did well with Protestants, not so well with Catholics in the Keystone State, but this year, the Catholics are a lot more enthusiastic about him than the Protestants are. The explanation? Catholics have come to see Obama as a traditional Democrat, and a significant number of Protestant Obama supporters have started identifying themselves as “None.”

Climate science skeptics for Jesus

Now, you don’t have to believe that Earth was created in six hectic days in order to be skeptical about climate science, but a large number of climate science deniers also happen to be evolution deniers.

For All the Saints

The church kitchen was busy, bright and warm, with three cheerful ladies putting together platters of crustless sandwich quarters — the inimitable, the unutterably delicious Church Lady Sandwiches — for the weekend ACW bazaar. They said hello in passing as I moved through, iPad in hand, to the quiet church beyond the parish hall. There …

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Sister Simone Campbell on the invisible 46.2 million

Programs like food stamps aren’t luxury items like Pay-per-View or Caribbean vacations, to be easily cut from our family budget. In too many households, they are an absolute necessity. What greater American value can there be than making sure all people in the most prosperous nation on earth have enough to eat?