Day: October 30, 2012

Aftermath of Sandy

Tell us your stories of how you are coping with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Here is one photo* that tells the story of New York City. (credit

Seeing What We Expect to See

This time of year it is easy for the eye to be grasped by the beauty of the colors. The landscape seems to shout “Look!” And in that moment when the leaves or the panorama catches our attention, we are filled with gratefulness and joy. It only takes a second. But that second is a clue to the possibility of a constant state of awareness.

Change Happens

Be kind to each other, one generation to another. We’re all changing in some way, and for some of us it is painful, and that goes for both sides of the age fulcrum. Work together, learn from each other, trust each other’s motives are for the best that they can conceive, and tread lightly because we deal with people, not just ideas.