Day: October 12, 2012

Presiding Bishop asks candidates to address Israeli-Palestinian conflict

As each of you prepares for the two remaining presidential debates, I write to urge you to use the debate forum to articulate strong support for a just and peaceful resolution to the Arab-Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as well as a clear plan for how you would work to support that goal in the next four years. – The Presiding Bishop

International Day of the Girl

Yesterday marked the first ever ‘International Day of the Girl’. A Day designated by the United Nations to promote the education, protection and nurturing of girls, while overcoming discrimination against girls, so that they may flourish and contribute to their communities and to the world.

Two Great Visions

So many have been inspired by the visions of Micah. When these two prophecies are combined, we have a witness that confronts the powerful and wealthy for their injustice, complacency and greed; and we have a witness that holds up an alternative vision of wisdom and peace.

Growing pains

The Pastoral and Program Models as Seen From a Physicians Perspective. by Brian Stork Our local Episcopal church is going through an identity exploration. Currently, we have too many members for a single parish priest to provide individual pastoral care and expand the spiritual and educational programs expected by some of our parishioners. On the …

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