Day: October 8, 2012

Nuns on the Bus weigh in on Ryan budget

To make up for the food-stamp cuts in Ryan’s budget, the group found, “every church in the country would have to come up with approximately $50,000 dedicated to feeding people — every year for the next 10 years.” Can government walk away like this?

Talking about God and sex on campus

As a part of reflecting on a poem by Jane Kenyon called, “Cages” we shared a bit about the difficulties of “the long struggle to be at home in this body.” Then we shifted to a game in which teams competed against each other to write down as many slang words about parts of the human reproductive system as possible.


I think it was F. D. Maurice who said that people are usually right in what they affirm and often wrong in what they deny. Often, when I discover what it is that someone disagreeable is affirming, I actually affirm the same values. Then our discussion is more about strategy or effectiveness.