Day: October 6, 2012

Man, Movement, Machine, Monument

It seems to be human nature, to mechanize – structure, organize, routinize – what up until then had been a dynamic, free, unstructured movement…to build a machine that ensures that X is done at Y time.

Matthew Shephard: Fourteen years ago tomorrow

Aaron spotted what he initially thought was a scarecrow next to a fence. Then he noticed a glisten of blood. The sun sparkled on what he barely recognized as a face. What Aaron had discovered was the 22 year-old Matthew Shepard, clinging to life.

Your homicide risk depends on your social network

In the high crime Chicago neighborhood studied, social distance to a homicide victim is negatively and strongly associated with individual victimization: each social tie removed from a homicide victim decreases one’s odds of being a homicide victim by approximately 57 percent.