Day: October 2, 2012

Amazing Grace Circus

The idea to have a youth-led circus arts and fitness program in Nyack sprang from the emotional abyss that followed the attacks of September 11th. A group of young people at Grace Episcopal Church sought a way to comprehend the enormity of the violent event and the personal loss of members of their church community..

Clergy arrested for protesting firing of union workers

Non-violent civil disobedience in the pursuit of justice and peace among Episcopal clergy happens often throughout history and some even participated in the Occupy Movement. Some clergy, such as Jack Stanton participating in a march against the firing of union workers, are arrested for civil disobedience too.

ABC defends his outspoken approach

Three months before he is due to leave Lambeth Palace after nearly 10 years in office, Rowan Williams said that although he had certain regrets he believed the role necessitated outspoken interventions.