Day: October 1, 2012

Church of England says bankers should repent role in financial crisis

The financial crises and emerging scandals of recent years have…raised profound concern not simply about the ability of the system to prevent extreme and criminal behavior by individuals but about the system itself and a whole cadre of professionals within it. The question is not whether systems have been adequate to identify and deal with the bad apples but whether the whole orchard needs replanting.

Reaching out to spiritual refugees

What keeps us from saying: Hey, if you consider yourself a Christian, but find much of Christianity misogynistic or homophobic, if you think it is pre-modern in it understanding of creation, you might want to pay us a visit or two and try us on for size. We aren’t perfect, and we offer fewer certainties that more conservative brands of Christianity, but you may consider that a plus.

Kenya Archbishop condemns attacks on Sunday school

Kenya is a multi- religious society and [Wabukala] termed the attacks as atrocities whose perpetrators should face the full rigor of the law. He called upon the Government to offer adequate security since asking citizens to be vigilant is not sufficient. “This is a cruel provocation, but I appeal to Christians not to feed violence with violence, either in word or deed, because we are called to overcome evil with good,”

Strange exorcists

… compartmentalization is a bad bargain for us, first, because it is an invitation to psycho-spiritual fragmentation that puts human decency in one cupboard and the “God-thing” in another.