Day: September 26, 2012

The ministry of health

Episcopal priest Micah Jackson writes a blog called The Ministry of Health. The blog focuses on “the transformative journey of health and wellness”, especially pertaining to the church and clergy. Jackson writes:

An Obama Doctrine on religion?

Lauren Markoe of Religion News Service is among the commentators who believe that President Barack Obama yesterday laid out a kind of Obama Doctrine on Religion and Religious Freedom in his speech to the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Security, Esteem, & Power

God gives us divine security, divine love and esteem, divine power and control — on God’s terms. We are healthy when we trust God for these things. Our problems come when we exaggerate our needs for security, esteem and control, and when we set ourselves to get these things on our terms.

Outsourcing and children

by Patrick Hall Outsourcing is a recurring topic every election season. Pundits and candidates for office score political points by pounding podiums and particleboard newsroom desks while belching vacuous indignation over the flight of American jobs to overseas markets. Yet, even as we ride the bump of righteous anger, we keep the focus narrow. Corporates, …

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