Day: September 21, 2012

First Moravian rector of an Episcopal parish

On Sept. 16, the Rev. Carl Southerland was installed as rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Franklin, North Carolina, becoming the first Moravian pastor of an Episcopal parish since the two denominations inaugurated a full-communion relationship in 2011.

Being Blind

In several places in the Hebrew scripture, the text implies that God blinds some people so that they fail to respond to God’s activity. Their failure then provokes God’s judgment and some ensuing catastrophe.

And now the race begins

The Crown Nominations Commission begins their work of choosing the next Archbishop of Canterbury next week. Andrew Brown, writing in the Guardian, summarizes the process including a run-down of possible candidates and what’s ahead for the next Archbishop.

The Possession

Perhaps what makes this movie intriguing–this whole concept of “possession by an evil spirit”–is that, ultimately, we recognize that each of us has our own dibbuk box inside of us, as well as our own Ark of the Covenant.