Day: September 16, 2012

How to win the war on poverty? Redistribute

“When Meyer and Sullivan looked at poorer families’ consumption rather than income, accounted for changes in the tax code that benefit the poor, and included “noncash benefits” such as food stamps and government-provided medical care, they found poverty fell 12.5 percentage points between 1972 and 2010.” I come away wondering if when you put it all together the Great Society has failed because it has failed to be transformative: just as many people are unable to earn a good income and support themselves.

Pancake batter and eternal life

Psalm 24, 29 (Morning) Psalm 8, 84 (Evening) Job 38:1, 18-41 Revelation 8:1-8 Matthew 5:21-26 Psalm 8 (The St. Helena Psalter:) O God, our Governor,* how exalted is your name in all the world! Out of the mouths of infants and children,* your majesty is praised among the heavens. You have set up a stronghold […]