Day: September 15, 2012

Finding joy in the High Holy Days

You go to church or synagogue because you feel obligated; you send your children to Hebrew school with reservations and over their protestations. The upcoming Jewish holidays, Yom Kippur in particular, can feel like an orgy of self-immolation. During this season, the liturgy forces the faithful to regard without blinking their mortality and worse: the chanciness of everything.

An unexpected history lesson

Commemoration of James Chisholm, priest (1815-1855) Psalm 116:5-9 Sirach 38:9-17 2 Corinthians 1:3-11 Matthew 24:1-8 I wasn’t born in Virginia, but I always consider myself a Virginian. I remember the saying, “To be a Virginian, whether by birth, marriage or adoption, is an introduction to any state, passport to any foreign country and a benediction […]

Freedom in tradition

by Tricia Gates Brown Garlicky minestrone reaches down the hall and out the front door of the church, drawing me in on a wave of scent mingling with undertones of home-baked bread. I find myself thinking, church people know how to do food. If nothing else, you can count on the food. Then I immediately […]