Day: September 13, 2012

Neil Armstrong honored at National Cathedral service

Astronaut Michael Collins, who remained in lunar orbit while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon, led prayers during Armstrong’s memorial service at Washington National Cathedral Thursday. He thanked God “for your servant Neil Armstrong, who with courage and humility first set foot upon the moon. Following his example, save us from arrogance, …

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Christian group prompts Obama, Romney to explain views on poverty

Leaders of “The Circle of Protection,” a broad coalition of church groups concerned about poverty issues, asked Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to create videos explaining their plans to protect the most vulnerable in American society. The candidates’ videos were presented yesterday at the National Press Club. Check out their responses here.

The Wood Duck

All is still green, but the days are shortening and cooler than they were three weeks ago. Some days are still gorgeous, and on those days I bring my embroidery out to the verandah and set myself up, listening to an audiobook as my practiced fingers work the needle front and back, front and back. …

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