Day: September 7, 2012

Anglican Paracleric

As the Paralympics in London continue, we learn about The Reverend Nick Barr-Hamilton, the new Vicar of St George, Fatfield, in the Diocese of Durham in the Church of England. .

Dog-whistle Zionism for Christians

When the Democrats had their floor fight about the Jerusalem the other day, it was an example of how evangelical Christian Zionists were able to intrude into American politics aided and abetted by inattentive journalists, ignorant of the ways religion and politics interact.

Victimizing the Victim

The book of Job declares that anyone who grounds their faith in a belief that life will reward the diligent, upright and honest, is simply failing to see reality. Anyone who persists in defending systems they believe to be just, will end up victimizing those who suffer unjustly, victimizing the victim.