Day: September 5, 2012

Loving politics

Sam Portaro writes on the uneasy relationship between politics and religion on the CREDO Spiritual Blog, but also points out that the relationship should not be ignored.

Oppression or Exultation

Gerald May said, “In all my experience as a psychiatrist and as a human being, the deepest, most pervasive pathology I have seen is the incredible harshness we have towards ourselves.” Some of the fault lies with religious education, he says. “Religious condemnation and moral guilt have been used for child-rearing and political control. …The more cruel we are to ourselves, the more likely we are to be mean to others.”

Benediction at Democratic National Convention

I pray for our country in the next nine weeks leading up to this election – for those of us meeting here and for our fellow citizens who met last week. May we make our children proud of how we conduct ourselves. We know our human tendencies toward finger-pointing and frivolousness. Our better selves want this race to be honest and edifying rather than fabricated and self-serving.