Day: September 3, 2012

How to change your vicar: part two

My second piece of advice is for people who believe there may be a capability issue with their vicar. For this to go anywhere formally, it should normally relate to what incumbents are actually there to do. A hymn writing, guitar playing or beekeeping fail is bad news. But it’s unlikely to support capability proceedings.

Fraser to Tutu: Morality is not about having clean hands

The reason I recoil at Tutu’s decision is that it smacks too much of the sort of thinking that he has, in other contexts, done so much to dismantle – the idea that it is the purpose of morality to make one feel better about oneself, to feel that one is on the right side, that one is with the angels. But morality is not about having clean hands.

For Labor Day

The people of Israel began as a labor movement. Their Egyptian overlords instituted a policy of increased productivity — gather your own straw and meet the same output quotas. Having no union and no standing to negotiate with management, they cried out to God. God answered their complaints, and sent Moses to be their representative in some collective bargaining