Day: August 28, 2012

Do you give less than you think you give?

“Churchgoers like to think of themselves as generous and cheerful givers, but for many the flesh appears to be weak when it comes to living up to their own standards for charitable giving” according to a report in

Living Death

After many years of being with people during their final passage to death, I’ve formed a rather simple, literal belief that God works with particular meaning and efficiency around the timing of death.

Discernment: revisited

Engaging in the practice of patient, prayerful discernment may seem at times messy, sometimes contradictory, and often conflicting. We will experience both delight and the disillusion with it. The Spirit will often turn us on our heads. But the practice is worth it. Stay with it.

The changing face of stability

And I began to realize that if I could make myself – well, not disappear so much as fade out a little in this way, it might be that perhaps the representation of stability could be massively diffused from one dude in a collar (who could go back to working a little harder at preaching, teaching, and administering the sacraments) to a whole rank of leaders prepared to step forward and be the public face of our congregation.