Day: August 19, 2012

Unholy Mess: churches and finance

…some parts of the church have indulged in ungainly financial contortions in some cases—it is alleged—both to divert funds away from uses intended by donors and to frustrate creditors with legitimate claims, …


These kids are people, beloved by God, each one utterly unique and valuable beyond price. We should be sinking everything we’ve got into treasuring each child, ensuring that he or she has what she needs, dealing promptly with learning disabilities, bringing out their gifts. Elementary school is, after all, a kid’s first full-time job, lasting (to completion) from age 4 or 5 to 18, and it is a huge determinant of the kid’s sense of self.

What is healthy about The Episcopal Church?

by George Clifford A recent Wall Street Journal Op-Ed written, highlights The Episcopal Church’s (TEC) declining membership and other challenges the denomination faces. The time has come to change focus. Instead of emphasizing problems, TEC and its members can profitably begin to ask, What is healthy about The Episcopal Church? Appreciative Inquiry, an organizational development …

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