Day: July 30, 2012

The sad cycle of Evangelical Biblical scholarship

About six weeks ago, Peter Enns wrote a column for Patheos that has been pinging around the Internet ever since. In it, he laments the situation the dilemma that evangelical scholars who do their graduate work at non-evangelical institutions face when they return to evangelical schools.

Israel, Palestine and General Convention

The Episcopal Church has been at this work for 30 years, and our resolutions have been clear in what we support: a two-state solution in which a secure and universally recognized Israel, the homeland for the Jewish people, lives alongside a free, viable, and secure state for the Palestinian people, with a shared Jerusalem as the capital of both states.

The Anglican Convenant: Where does it go from here?

Canon Alan T. Perry takes a comprehensive look at which provinces have adopted the Anglican Covenant, which have rejected it, and which ones have given qualified and even ambiguous assent. Given that the reception of the document has been lukewarm at best, and the archbishop who was its champion is retiring, what is its future?

Tea set

Way back when, my mother offloaded on me a miscellany of family china, because (she said) I was interested in “old things”. Among the dozens of Victorian plates of various sizes (only plates — someone else had the rest of great-great-aunt’s service for 12) there was one curious set: a small highly decorated teapot with …

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