Day: July 22, 2012

Another reason to love The Muppets

Due to some terrible statements and actions on the part of Chick-fil-A, which support anti-gay movements and general closed-mindedness, The Jim Henson Company has decided to never work with the fast food chain again, and they will be donating their payment from their partnership to a decidedly less evil cause.

Aurora Sunday

If you heard a sermon about the killings in Colorado, tell us what you heard. If you preached a sermon on the killings, tell us what you said. And if you’ve posted something online, give us the URL in the comments.

Global South primates meet, issue statement

We deeply respect and appreciate our historical and spiritual relationship with the See of Canterbury. We have written to the Crown Nominations Commission with concerns from the Global South and important principles for consideration as it nominates candidates for the appointment of a new Archbishop of Canterbury.