Day: July 16, 2012

Once more dear friends…

I hope I’m being clear, I believe our decline is a sloughing off of the baggage of establishment and American Empire and not quickly enough embracing an expansive view of humanity within our Eucharistic communities. We became irrelevant to all but the most faithful and those far too in love with Jesus to leave the church despite its hypocrisy. But don’t worry, we’re on that now.

What is stopping you?

During General Convention I frequently heard people speak about the kind of church that they wanted to help bring into being. My question posed not as a challenge, but to gather information was: What is stopping you?

Debriefing General Convention

There is a great deal of misinformation circulating about what the Episcopal Church did at its just completed General Convention. Maybe the editors and the community here at Episcopal Cafe can help set a few records straight for our readers.

Standing Festivus on its head

In the spirit of “Singing a New Church into Being,” as those of us who attended the just-completed General Convention in Indianapolis promised to do, we designate today Festivus Inverted, a day for gracefully letting go of grievances, writing ’em down on little slips of virtual paper, gathering all that paper in the middle of a virtual field and setting the whole pile ablaze.

Not dead yet!

Unexpectedly, liberal Christianity is–in some congregations at least–undergoing renewal. A grass-roots affair to be sure, sputtering along in local churches, prompted by good pastors doing hard work and theologians mostly unknown to the larger culture. ~Diana Butler Bass

Rio+20: is this the future we want?

Rio+20 is also a different matter. The sense of hope many had back in 1992 is gone. After so many years of endless talks, boycotted agreements, empty documents and unsuccessful round tables, there is less hope in possible change for the planet. For Rio+20, key concepts were “sustainable development” and “green economy”…