Day: July 8, 2012

House of Bishops releases letter on renewing dioceses

The House of Bishops today responded to the controversy initiated when nine Episcopal bishops offered support through either affidavits or an amicus brief to breakaway factions attempting to take possession of the property of the church. The letter names the legitimate bishops of the four renewing dioceses, a matter which is at issue in cases in the Dioceses of Fort Worth and Quincy.

1963: Church Center opens

Presiding Bishop Lichtenberger laid the cornerstone. Also taking part in the dedication ceremonies was Clifford P. Morehouse, president of the House of Deputies. The contribution of the Diocese of Virginia to the new HQ constituted a memorial to the late Rt. Rev. Henry St. George Tucker, the first Presiding Bishop of the Church holding that position without retaining his See. Yesterday deputies at General Convention adopted a resolution permitting future PB’s, from 2015, to remain a diocesan.

Structure in the Spotlight

The Committee on Structure started General Convention with more than five dozen resolutions on restructuring the Church. By Saturday night, it had one. Almost. After extensive testimony and discussion, Structure is well on its way to presenting one resolution to convention for consideration. – Center Aisle