Day: June 15, 2012

ACNA three years in

The Revs. Mark Harris and Scott Gunn have written blog posts recently about the Anglican Church in North America. In general I think it is a mistake for the Episcopal Church to pay too much attention to these folks because it distracts us from our own issues, with which they have little to do. Yet it is useful to have vigilant folks like Mark and Scott keeping an eye on a church that means us no good.

Catholics aim to keep Jesus on Big Mountain

As Catholic Bishops in the U.S. plot public relations strategy to improve their public image, I suggest they throw in with the Knights of Columbus in Montana, who are working to make sure a statue of Jesus Christ stays where it is on Forest Service land on Big Mountain.

Why millennials are losing faith: one man’s take

Consider what college-aged people have been witness to on a large scale in terms of what faith can do nationally: hard-line politicization of religion in general and Christianity in particular, browbeating of gays and women, continued attacks on scientific inquiry that border on anti-intellectualism, numerous sexual abuse scandals that destroyed the lives of countless children.

Ears to hear

Reflections on Mark 4:26-34 It wasn’t until I was given an IPod Nano that I began to notice how many other people have the regulation earpieces in their lugholes, trailing thin wires like bunting on Mt. Everest. I am a dinosaur and blind, it seems. Many of us humans can’t even walk down the street …

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