Day: June 12, 2012

Is the Episcopal Church becoming too delicate for democracy?

The idea that the people of the church are too emotionally fragile to participate in legislative self-governance and must be saved from this ordeal by wiser heads is pernicious. And the notion that arguing and organizing on behalf of our principles is bad behavior that we need to unlearn is generally advanced by people who get to make the decisions when the arguing stops.

CoE looks ridiculous over fears of marriage equality

Reactions to yesterday’s news that top Church of England bishops believe marriage equality is the biggest threat to the church in 500 years are appearing from other members of the Church of England. Many are furious, others see it as one more step to irrelevance, and common themes “ridiculous” and “shameful.” Those who support marriage […]

Messenger of God’s peace

Readings for the feast day of Enmegahbowh Psalm 129 Isaiah 52:7-10 1 Peter 5:1-4 Luke 6:17-23 Almighty God, you led your pilgrim people of old with fire and cloud: Grant that the ministers of your Church, following the example of blessed Enmegahbowh, may stand before your holy people, leading them with fiery zeal and gentle […]

Being There: At the Diamond Jubilee

by Deirdre Good The remarkable thing about the recent Diamond Jubilee is the number of people that joined in the celebrations. After all, Britain is secular and racially diverse—unlike the monarchy. Jubilee memorabilia described that institution as “steadfast and true” — words that couldn’t be applied to the banking sector, or the media, or the […]