Day: June 11, 2012

Church of England says marriage equality one of biggest threats in 500 years

The Government’s plan to introduce same-sex marriage is one of the most serious threats to the Church of England in its 500-year history, senior clergy claim. The Church today outlines its opposition to the Government’s proposals in scathing terms. Anxiety among Church leaders is so acute that they raise the spectre of disestablishment, warning that any attempt to alter the definition of marriage could fatally undermine the Church’s privileged position.

“God has been present among us.”

Professor Gerald West, who developed the Bible study program for the 2008 Lambeth Conference, was one of the principle planners of a gathering of Episcopalians and African Anglicans held in October in Durban, South Africa. In the first of these two videos, he talks about the the work of the Ujamaa Centre at the University […]

WATCH London on the amendments to legislation on women bishops

As a result of the amendment, the Church could find itself with three different episcopates: the ‘Standard’ bishops (male and female), ‘Society’ bishops ministering to traditional Anglo-Catholics, and ‘Declaration’ bishops allied to GAFCON who would minister to conservative evangelical congregations. Such fragmentation of the episcopate would be schismatic.