Day: June 10, 2012

Welcoming those with autism and Asperger syndrome to church

“We talk a lot about how to make church welcoming, but we sometimes forget that for the one person in every hundred who has a form of autism, church can be a bewildering or frightening place. That’s why I’m so pleased that these guidelines have been produced for use in the Diocese of Oxford. They explain clearly what it can be like to have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder and how we can help to welcome those with an ASD into church.”

Sharing the Baptismal Covenant with other Anglicans

The Rev. Jon Richardson, vice president for national affairs of Integrity, talks about sharing the Episcopal Church’s Baptismal Covenant with other participants at the Chicago Consultation/Ujamaa Centre gathering in Durban, South Africa.

Philadelphia Cathedral wins OK to demolish historic buildings

Following up on a story we posted last week, the Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral won approval Friday to demolish two historic buildings on Chestnut Street in order to build a 25-story apartment tower. The dean of the cathedral and others contend that the plan will create funding for crucial renovations to the cathedral. From the Philadelphia …

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How much is enough

What if…(horror of horrors!)…instead of a 40 hour work week being standard, a 21 hour work week were the norm? The theory is that there would be enough work for everyone to be satisfied and more mentally healthy.