Day: June 7, 2012

Philly’s Church of the Savior seeks to raze historic buildings ‘to save the cathedral’

The Philadelphia Historical Commission will meet Friday to decide whether to allow the Episcopal Cathedral of Philadelphia to destroy two historically recognized buildings it owns, and build a 25-story apartment, office, and retail complex in their place, in order to finance cathedral repairs and expand its ministry.

A letter from an exhausted, exasperated young person

And they’re not coming back to darken the doors of the places that insisted it had to be done THIS way and THAT way or it couldn’t be done at all. Churches have been reduced to elementary school playgrounds with the endless bickering and threats made by this faction or that one taking their proverbial ball and going home. And those playgrounds are getting noticeably more empty.

Marks of Mission as Cosmo quiz?

The Episcopal Church has posted a quiz on Five Marks of Mission by using the popular internet quiz format often seen on Facebook and in blogs. Some think it is just good fun, some wonder what is the point? Who is the audience? What does it convey about the Episcopal Church? Does it say that […]