Day: June 5, 2012

The return of the real Rowan?

Commentators on Facebook are talking about the surprising sermon that the Archbishop of Canterbury preached this morning. They’re wondering if this is the return of the Rowan that they remember reading before his appointment as the Archbishop of Canterbury. The Guardian highlights the fact that the Archbishop didn’t restrict his remarks to the occasion. He …

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What’s up at Episcopal News Service?

I would hate to see ENS lose one of the three reporters it currently employs, but that is a plausible interpretation of the comment at line 790 of the line by line budget analysis released late Friday afternoon by the Office of Public Affairs.

General Convention deputation blogs

We’re starting to hear that a number of diocesan deputations to General Convention this summer are setting up blogs to keep their dioceses informed of what’s happening in the lead up, during and afterwards.

Love, marriage and getting fired

During a gathering hosted by the Chicago Consultation, the Rev. Ecclesia de Lange spoke about being dismissed from her position as a pastor in the Methodist Church of South Africa after she married her female partner.