Day: May 22, 2012

Musician as theologian

If you ask most people who’s the theologian in a local congregation, they’re more likely than not going to point to the ordained clergy. But that’s just not the whole story according to an article by Mark Gorman posted in the Duke Divinity School Magazine.

General Convention teaching resources

Looking for resources to teach about General Convention in advance of its meeting this summer? The Diocese of Texas has put out a helpful six minute video (see below) perfect for a Sunday forum and the Episcopal Church Foundation’s Vital Practices blog has made the following books and online resources available: Learn About General Convention […]

Why Jesus exploded my burrito

by Amber Evans On a recent Friday morning I walked into the coffee shop near the school where I’m the chaplain and I ordered a breakfast burrito. And I overheard the barista say to one of his customers, “Why doesn’t anybody get married in church anymore?” I said, “Some people still do.” He said, “Sure, […]