Day: May 1, 2012

“Putting Anti-Racism training to work”

The Rev. Peter Wallace took part in an anti-racism workshop in Atlanta recently. Most of the leadership of the Episcopal Church have done this. But Peter had an experience leaving the building that afternoon that forced him to put his new insights to work much sooner than he expected.

Bp Provenzano: “William White is dead”

Taking a cue from a presentation given to his diocese earlier this year that “Eisenhower is dead”, meaning that the centralized, corporate, model for church government that came to full bloom in the 1950’s is no longer useful, he is suggesting that the bicameral structure of General Convention, created during the time of the first Presiding Bishop needs to be discarded.

The Methodists are wrestling with structure too

Over the weekend, the Methodist General Conference has unexpectedly defeated all proposed restructuring plans, including a hastily constructed “Plan B”. One of the Methodist bishops claimed that this defeat happened because the “wrong people” were voting.

We’re back. We think.

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The Slaughter in the Wilderness

The sons of Levi respond, and Moses has them take swords and set upon the camp. “Go back and forth from gate to gate throughout the camp, and each of you kill your brother, your friend, and your neighbor.” The text says that about three thousand people died that day. (A comparison: Over 900 died in the Jonestown, Guyana, suicide-killings among the People’s Temple cult of Jim Jones.)

The golden calf is still God’s competition

Notice the commercials and ads on TV, billboard, radio or online; in newspapers or magazines. How many appeal to our needs for power and control, greed and gluttony, money and sex? Monitor your own inner stimuli and motivation. How often do you have emotional reactions that are triggered by the desire for power and control, greed and gluttony, money and sex?

A Rowan retrospective worth reading

Surely a man who had persuasively concluded that active homosexual relationships might be capable of being free from sin in the Christian sense owed it to the Church, and to the society that Church existed to serve, to contribute his further insights to the development and refinement of the Christian understanding of sexuality.