Day: April 25, 2012

Diocese of Texas sees qualified momentum in same-gender blessings

“My plan does not ask for further debate or require approval,” Bishop Doyle told the clergy gathered at Camp Allen. “I have not asked people to change their positions or even to like the plan that I am setting before us,” he explained. “It is my deepest desire to offer a generous breadth of pastoral care for our members throughout the diocese. “

Part 2: The story the budget tells

by George Clifford The first part of this post analyzed TEC’s financial plight arguing that the proposed 2012-2015 budget shows that TEC: 1. Highly values ecclesial governance and structure 2. Faces significant organizational problems 3. Intends to continue business as usual 4. Lacks a clear vision of, and focus on, TEC’s mission. This post recommends […]