Day: April 9, 2012

In Nigeria, ethical questions about the renovation of a church

I felt very disappointed that the Bishop of Enugu, the Right Revd. Emmanuel Chukwuma who said he was speaking for the Primate, literally told those who had queried the donation to keep quiet. He, by that act, took up the responsibility of defending the President in the matter. Was he privy to the negotiations? Is he in position to understand the motives of the contractor?

Anne Lamott on getting beyond bunnies

When I stop, when I go into contemplation and meditation, when I breathe again and do the sacred action of plopping and hanging my head and being done with my own agenda, I hear that, ‘You don’t have that kind of time,’ you have time only to cultivate presence and authenticity and service, praying against all odds to get your sense of humor back.


Believing in the Resurrection means choosing to place every situation—even situations that seem hopeless—in the hands of God, and waiting and watching with hopeful anticipation for signs of new life.