Day: April 7, 2012

The restoration of all things

Many Episcopal Church congregations are in the process of starting their Easter Vigils, or have just finished them. The graphic below was used by Christ Church Cathedral in St. Louis on their Facebook page to invite people to their vigil service.

Washing the feet of the poor

In most Maundy Thursday services the clergy wash the feet of members of their congregations. But Bishop James Mathes took to the streets on Thursday along with members of the diocese of San Diego to wash the feet of people living homeless and in need.

James Fenhagen died on Thursday

The Rev. Canon James C. Fenhagen died on Thursday in South Carolina. Fenhagen was known to many within the Episcopal Church because of his leadership in clergy education and parish development.

Holy Saturday

What other gods have undergone such an ordeal for their people? What other gods have stepped down from their gilded thrones to become the same as any person by whom they were considered a deity? Jesus did, and as a result we have Holy Saturday, the day between death and despair and the day of greatest joy and celebration.