Day: March 31, 2012

Church in a bar

Worship in a bar? It’s become commonplace to here of congregations holding meetings or bible study groups in coffee shop, but Sunday service in working bar? While the bar is still open?

Truro Church keeps on in court

The congregation of Truro Church associated with CANA has filed a notice of appeal to the State Supreme Court asking that the previous judgement by a state judge be revisited again.

‘Stereotypes cost lives’

More churches are finding their voice and speaking out against a culture which allows people to be shot to death with little hope of finding justice. A cross-denominational group of denominations, which include the Episcopal Church as well as the traditional African-American denominations have issued a joint statement.

The cult of “busyness”

Why did the bishops of the Church of England differ so strikingly from their clergy in their voting about the Anglican Covenant? Sam Norton, an English priest argues that it’s because the Church of England’s “stupid and ungodly culture” honors being busy more than it honors the work of the discernment of God’s will.

Manchester says “no” to Covenant

Manchester, the last Church of England diocese to vote until after Easter, has voted “no” to the Anglican Covenant. That brings the present vote total, including London’s “no” vote this week, to 25 dioceses against and 15 in favor.

Plagues, Pharaohs, and Parallels

There are really rotten people out in the world walking around in perfect health, financially well-off, seemingly living the good life while I’m here stuck in this awful situation. Why me? Where is Moses when I need him, interceding with the Pharaohs of my world for me?